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Structural Dynamics Engineer
The Structural Dynamics Engineer is responsible for the overall ongoing dynamic structural analysis effort for the Achates Power engine design and the testing of its performance to optimize the structure with regards to weight, strength and other performance factors. The successful candidate will be responsible for sharing and communicating the results of these analyses with the organization on an ongoing basis so that the engine design can be optimized for specific performance parameters. In addition, he or she will:
  • Create multi-body system (MBS) models of the cranktrain and engine block structure
  • Analyze designs w.r.t. performance criteria for durability and NVH
  • Work closely with design engineers and make recommendations for design changes to meet requirements
  • Design, specify, execute and analyze engine dynamometer development tests in conjunction with the test group for model correlation and durability demonstration
  • Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or foreign educational equivalent
  • Minimum of 5 years of on-the-job experience as an engine structural analyst
  • Proficiency in MBS flexible system analysis, fatigue life analysis and bearing MOFT analysis
  • Knowledge and experience in:
    • Engine or powertrain development
    • Multi-body kinematics and kinetics of rigid and flexible bodies
    • Vibrations in single- and multi-degree-of-freedom systems
    • Practical vibration analysis and measurement techniques
    • Theory of elasticity
    • Vibrations in elastic structures
    • Modal analysis
    • Forced vibrations
    • Finite element analysis
  • The ability to apply first principles and have experience to be able to reduce the innovative design concepts to practical and commercially viable engineering solutions
Desirable Skills:
  • Diesel engine design knowledge
  • Diesel engine testing and engine development experience
  • Experience with MSC ADAMS Vengine software
  • Materials and material testing methods
  • Fatigue behavior